February Favorites & Learning Digital

Today is March 15 and I can’t believe I haven’t shared yet my February Favorites. I need to change this habit of not following my calendar. Although sometimes, I can’t help it because there are things that I just couldn’t deprioritize. Her name is Work.

I have a love-hate relationship with my work. I guess one of the things that keeps me from leaving is that this is the closest job I could get to being an artist (…for now). I am a writer and a producer and our task everyday is to create promotional materials for clients. I work daily with our editing team but sometimes, I coordinate also with our print team. So there are many times that I watch them do graphics, illustrate elements and turn simple concepts into great animations. I’m talking about Adobe skills here. I’m not a master of any of this stuff so I always enjoy seeing their process.

Recently, most of my team mates were out for a shoot. I was left in the office to do other work but since I have more free time to spare, I asked one of our designers if I could borrow their Wacom Intuos pen tab. It’s in my list ever since to try and get the feel of how it is to draw digitally. I can say that I’m more comfortable in traditional media so I had a bit of a hard time getting used to staring at the screen while my hand glides below. Thankfully, Wacom has a list of tutorials for new users so I spent an hour understanding some tips and tricks in Photoshop.

Since I haven’t uploaded yet my February Favorites, I decided to recreate them digitally (honestly, I was just not happy with my painted Feb work that’s why I posted it late, haha).  Here are my six February Favorites!

February Faves_Digital

First row from left to right:

  1. Jollibee Tuna Pie
  2. Hopia Ube of Ate Nette – my usual morning snack in the office
  3.  Sakura Gelly Rolls in clear and gold- obssessed with the shimmer, too bad it doesn’t show much in my scanned works

Second row from left to right:

  1. Podcasts – I’m subscribed to Arianne Serafico’s The Purposeful Creative . So helpful and motivating!
  2. Alessia Cara – her voice is so gewd! I saved her whole album in Spotify.
  3. Hamilton Musical Soundtrack – Listening non stop to this because Lin Manuel Miranda. Is. A. Genius.

So there.

I think I did pretty well for a first timer hehe. It was so easy picking a color and undo is just a click away in my pen. I just don’t understand yet the settings for the brushes but no wonder so many artists prefer doing digital. It’s more efficient and convenient. I still like to paint traditionally but I might do this again to my next monthly favorites for practice.

Anyone here who’s good in digital illustration? Or are you more of a traditional artist? I’d love to read about your experience. You can share here too your February Faves!



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