Harry Potter Series: Sugar Quills

How’s your Monday, guys? Still exhausted after last week’s work. I honestly feel like my team is everyone’s all-around robot. Got super stressed and emotional about this “treatment/feeling” so I really made sure that my weekend would be allotted to something that would help up my mood. Plus, I’m also way behind my painting schedule. I still have 7 more illustrations to finish before concluding the series! *huhu*

Anyway, here’s the Sugar Quill illustration that I promised in my previous post. Took me three tries before finally deciding that it’s time to stop wasting paper and just see what I can do in Photoshop. Below is the final result.


I’m so excited to share the news also that for the first time, someone asked me for a commission! *OMG! It’s one of the reasons why I delayed the HP series* I’ve submitted the final artworks and I just hope that it will look good in wherever it will be placed. It’s an overwhelming experience actually for a first timer like me but I definitely gained a lot of learnings from this experience. Hope to share with you the details soon!


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