Harry Potter Series: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Happy Saturday guys! I was looking forward to this weekend since Wednesday haha. Here’s the third Harry Potter treat for you all.


The materials I used were Canson Montval 300gsm paper, Winsor and Newton paints, and my new clear Sakura gelly roll! I spent the entire time just picking which of the two shades of gold to buy. I ended up getting the clear one *on second thought, I might go back and buy those two*. 

Now back to the beans, I got to paint all the twenty flavors inside and it contains some crazy ones like Booger, Dirt, Earwax, Vomit, etc. Why would wizards want to eat those LOL.

Anyone who has ever tried these flavors? How was it? I’m not a fan of jellybeans so I have no plans of tasting these soon but I’m curious how this set fares. I’d love to hear from you guys, I hope you could describe to me your experience *like were you forced to eat them? was it in a dare?*  I’d be happy to read your stories! :)



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