Monthly Favorites and A New Illustration Series


Hello guys! Happy New Year! I know it’s already February but it’s not yet too late to celebrate the coming of 2017. I hope you all had fun during the holidays. Getting back to the groove of painting and I’m reviving this blog by posting my most recent works. To practice quick sketching, I’ve decided to do a monthly illustration about items or events that I liked or enjoyed. Here are my January Favorites (L-R):

  1. Cute sketchbook I got during Christmas
  2. Free printable calendars from (I have two – for art and for work)
  3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (This book is GOLDEN! Awesome book to combat creative anxiety and frustration)
  4.  Pods with Snickers and Cocio Chocolate Drink
  5. Mango Graham Bingsu (they sell it at the mall for only Php 99. Buy 1 Take 1!)
  6. Nacho Hoi from Onboard Cafe at Circuit, Makati
  7. La La Land (Love everything from this film!)

To make up for my absence, I also decided to create a new food illustration series! Clue? Wizards and witches love them. I’ll reveal it on my next post but if you really want to know what I have in the works, you can visit my Instagram because I’ve already updated it with two new illustrations. Yay for progress!

Hope to see you on both platforms!



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