Two Ritters

Maybe you’re wondering why there are two Mini Ritters in the photo?  First, this is to emphasize *more to myself* the importance of a well-lit room or even just a good study lamp beside you when painting.

Just to share, I always paint in one corner at home. Even with a window, the natural light still doesn’t reach my table. I only rely on the small lamp that we have in our desk to help me see better the lines and colors in my drawing. The day I painted this Mini Ritter (left illustration), I was at a different house and my workspace was dimmer. Even though there was a flourescent light that lights the room from the ceiling, shadows from both my hands and supplies blocked the light lines on my paper.

I thought of leaving the project undone. Since it’s just a small piece *and I hate to waste my Fabriano paper*, I willed myself to finish it even though I couldn’t see the colors properly. I was also unsatisfied with my sketch and I really hoped that it would get better once it’s painted. Thinking that the colors weren’t “bright” enough, I doubled the layer of yellow paint and darkened the shadows. It ended up looking dirty. My frustration led me, even more, to mess up the letters and the highlights. I tried salvaging it through Photoshop but the colors were just bad *cries internally*. 


But rather than throwing it away, I decided to repaint it. My second point for posting these two is to show progress.  While I may have disliked my first illustration, it’s a good reminder to myself that not everything I make would always be perfect. For some amateur painters *or is it just me*, I know that sometimes we feel pressured to consistently do good stuff. We get frustrated when pigments don’t blend the way we like them to or when it just doesn’t look as good as what we’d imagined. Sometimes it disheartens me to continue something just because I used the wrong color or when I’m simply insecure with how I paint. We have to remember that practice, in itself, is progress.  It’s a bittersweet process but the important thing is that we always try, despite the pressure and the mistakes. Mistakes are sometimes inevitable and when you don’t like what you’ve made, you can always do it again, right? Or just move on to whatever inspires you next. A second attempt always promises improvement!

Painting on my own workspace, I used my free Sunday to repeat the illustration. The colors and form of the drawing were much simpler so that encouraged me to do the artwork again. I looked for another reference, changed the sketch a bit and tested my colors first on scrap paper. The Mini Ritter was rebirthed! I painted it at the back of the first illustration to remind me of my own progress.

Right now, I’m thinking whether to repeat again the other painting that I just finished. It’s more complicated compared to this Ritter but I really liked the subject *its Japanese food!*. I’ll keep you posted on the development of this illustration.

By the way, you can follow me as well on Instagram. I share my works there every Tuesdays and Thursdays while my posts here goes live every Wednesdays and Fridays *I’m strictly sticking to my art plan* . Just in case you want to see my illustrations in advance. Hope to see you on both!


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