Madrid Fusion Manila 2016

Madrid Fusion Manila is an international culinary congress that originated in Madrid. It is the only Asian version of the event, bringing in world-renowned chefs and culinary experts to showcase a fusion of eastern and western flavors. There was a lot of focus on local products and ingredients this year. Each day was a feature of different cuisines from the three island groups of the Philippines.

I was here because of work that’s why I had the opportunity to wander and taste a few dishes. Since we were assigned to cover the third day, we got to enjoy some of the best of Mindanao. Maybe you’re wondering why I only painted three? The truth is, I just looked at the food more than I tasted them. I know, it was such a waste! But I was really focused on finding the right dishes to paint that I didn’t bother trying them out. I ended up erasing almost all the photos I took except for those I wanted to use.

Disclaimer: The captions were based only on the ingredients that I can see from my references. It’s a shame that I took photos only of the food but not their names or even the group that prepared them. Credits must be given to the awesome chefs who made these.



A meatball topped with sauce and nuts




Curry fishball




Skewered tuna drizzled with coconut milk and peppers







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