Hello blogging world, I’m still alive!! *sorry blog for neglecting you huhu*. I’ve been busy with work these past months *and I still am now* but the good news is, I’m slowly getting in control again of my schedule. Yay! So while the workload is still manageable, I’m trying to create again a daily art plan (when to sketch, when to paint, IG and WP posting, etc.) that I will need to STRICTLY follow in the coming days. I also managed painting quite a few illustrations in the last two weeks. One of them is the illustration below.


Piaya (pi-yah-yah) is an unleavened flatbread with muscovado filling (brown sugar syrup). Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top of the dough before baking on a griddle. Piaya is a local pastry that originated in Negros Occidental, Philippines. People buy this usually as pasalubong from Bacolod but there are some food carts also in Manila that offer this snack, freshly baked.


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