Hello 2016!



Hello everyone!

It feels good to be able to post again. Shame that I have to put painting and blogging aside for a while because of work *tears* I know February is about to end but still, I want to greet you all a Happy New Year! *throws confetti LOL*

Gracing today’s post are cocktail-inspired cupcakes that I illustrated to greet 2016. Not really a drinker so instead of going for real cocktails during New Year’s Eve, I decided to just paint them as cupcakes. All of the reference photos I used were from Pinterest. It’s my first time to paint cupcakes and I really *REALLY* had a hard time illustrating those icings. One of my goals this year is to have tons of practice with my shadows and highlights. I’m just winging it actually *and surprisingly some look okay* but I really have no idea how to do it, except when I have photos where the shadows and highlights are clear.

Anyway, several months ago I posted a list of my creative goals. Because it’s now 2016, I think it’s time that I revisit my list and see if I’ve made progress. Below are my updates and some new additions too to the list.

  • Practice daily

In a way, I was actually able to hit the target of 24 illustrations for 2015. The original plan was to create two artworks for each month but then work always comes in the way so I just try to cope up with my painting whenever I have free time.

  • Upgrade my tools

I’ve acquired already several tubes of Winsor and Newton *yay* and new watercolor pads aside from the usual Canson 200gsm papers. Even though I’m longing to try professional brands such as Holbein, Schmincke or Sennelier, I think it would be best for me *and my wallet* to just use first all my Cotman paints. This year, I would experiment more on papers like Fabriano, Strathmore, Arches, Daler and Rowney Aquafine pads just to see which paper suits my style.

  • Have my art licensed

Wishful thinking. I still have a long, long way to go before this happens.

  • Collaborate with a fellow artist 

I wasn’t able to “work” with them this year but sharing my illustrations online gave me the chance to meet a lot of artists during workshops and art events. I participated too on an art trading event and ended up getting 10 different original artworks, for FREE!

  • Have my first commission work

Funny how this post happened and then the person I was referring to in this goal contacted me again to say that we’d still push through with the little project. So yeah, I finished the illustration and tagged her afterwards, not my best work really but I was just happy that I was able to work with someone outside of my country.

  • Complete a food series

Finished my Chichirya series and I also made a collection of candies!

  • Acquire art related books

Books I bought in the previous year: Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon and The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy.

This year, I’m planning to get Tokyo on Foot by Florent Chavouet, The Creative License by Danny Gregory, Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelly and Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch

  • Graphic Design 101

Still learning and I do wish we have a better flatbed scanner.

  • Keep this blog alive!

Aaaaand it’s still alive! I can’t believe I was able to keep this up. Well, not as regularly updated as I would want it to be but at least it’s still here. Not neglected compared to its sisters. The posts may be delayed but my artworks are mostly uploaded here too.

***NEW  GOALS FOR 2016***

  • Show my work

I am not really comfortable sharing my work over Facebook. For some reason, I find the community there very different compared to what I have in Instagram. I feel that the Instagram community is kinder *haha* and that I’m more connected with them. So this year, I’m forcing myself out of the comfort zone. I’m going to share my work too on Facebook until it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m scared, to be honest, because it feels like I’m sharing a huge chunk of myself over the Internet *I’m attached to my illustrations that way*. I hope the feeling would pass sooner.

  • Have my work published in a magazine or online

One of my favorite artists said that when you put your work out there, you have to know also where your art fits. I can’t imagine it being a pillow case, or a greeting card but I know that it would look well on a gourmet magazine or whichever magazine who’d love to feature food. I have yet to determine how to make this possible but I’m wishing new goal number 1 could up my chances for this kind of work.

  • Conduct food illustration workshops

One of the reason why I started on this journey was that I can’t find any local food illustrator to check out. Many do flowers, animals or portraits but only few who focuses mainly on food illustration. That limits the resources and chances of beginners to observe and learn from other food illustrators’ works. I would really love to share the things that I learned over the course of practice like how to paint glasswares, silverwares, meat, rice, just about everything I can tackle about food illustration.

  • Do commissions

The reason why I also started sharing my art is because I’m planning to start accepting commissions too. Just to have a feel of the process and see if I can handle the pressure of working with a client. Kind of connected with new goal number two, but aside from magazine clients, I want to receive requests also from random people who just wants to give them as gifts to their family or friends. Although I have to figure first how I’ll be able to juggle this along with my other work.

  • Do two collections/series

Planning to do some Pocky boxes or maybe a Filipino breakfast series. Hmmm…

  • Test MORE papers (and maybe paint)

Arches is definitely on top of my list of papers to try. It’s very expensive but I heard it’s worth the price. Might buy myself a sheet and scout for other pads such as Aquafine and The Langton Prestige. As for the paint, I’m contented with my Cotman, there are still colors that I need *or want* to purchase so no need to stock with other artist-grade paints. Unless someone wants to spoil me with some gifts??? In that case, I would gladly accept. Thank you for your kindness. *LOL*

So that’s it. New goals to achieve this 2016! Tell me about yours. I hope we get to fulfill, if not everything, at least half of all the things we’ve listed. Good luck to you too and have a wonderful year ahead! :)