Packs from the Past

Chichirya Collection

Chichirya Collection

After two months of squeezing in time between work and during weekends, I’m finally done painting ten illustrations! *cries* Above is a collage of all the snack illustrations I did in the past weeks. Yipee!!!

It all started with that Piattos illustration. I couldn’t decide on my next subject so I just grabbed the chips from our cabinet and painted it. Inspiration struck and I realized that I could create a series out of the other variants of chips in the country. It would give me also a definite list of subjects to paint, ‘forcing’ me to paint too every week hehe. My initial plan was to create twelve but due to time constraints, I narrowed it to ten. There are so many snacks in the market and I had a hard time choosing which ones to paint. Some were chosen mainly because they’re the most popular brand, others were just favorites.

Just sharing below three work in progress photos that I was able to save. As you can see, all of my illustrations started from sketches. I drew them as light as possible because with watercolor, once you painted the pencil lines, you can no longer erase them. Unless it was intentional, if you want your illustration to be free from pencil marks, the only solution is to draw light.

When I’m happy with my sketch, I put on my first layer of paint. They say that watercolor dries 50% lighter compared to how it looks like when applied wet. Do I paint a second layer? sometimes yes and sometimes no. For me it’s all about experimenting with the right amount of water and pigment. I like saturated colors for my illustrations so I use more paint than water. If my first layer dries and still looks pretty close to my reference, then I leave it that way but when I’m not satisfied with the color, that’s the time that I apply a second layer.  Layering will increase the value of your first tone so you really have to be sure before putting paint on paper.

On Tomi below, the red was still pale so I had to repaint again those details to increase the intensity of the color. Oh and details! I am very very meticulous about details. Maybe that’s the reason why they appeared to be realistic (which I had no intention of doing when I started). I was so obsessed into recreating all the things I saw in the package, it felt like I just had to paint them as perfectly as possible (the pressure and struggle was real XD).


And lastly, my messy table *cringe*. My sister and I actually share this small desk. There are times when I have to paint at our dining table because my sister’s studying and I have to move all of my things which is a lot of hassle. Do you get the feeling of being immersed in painting and you become territorial of that creative space (literally) but then you have to move because your sister will study and suddenly your painting mood is ruined? Haha! Talk about disadvantages of not having your own space!

Anyway, you can also see a few of my materials in that photo above. A ceramic plate for mixing, my brushes, waterbrush for backgrounds, a bottle of white ink, my mini sketch pad (got it from my first watercolor workshop), a ceramic water cup, tubes of Cotman paints (I currently have 14!) and one of the most important thing for me, a photo reference either on a phone or tablet. I can rely on my imagination to paint some food but I don’t think it would look appetizing when you just see blobs of paint on paper. I heavily depend on photo references, at least 3, to help me have an idea on the angle, color, size, and details that I need to incorporate on my illustrations.

So yep, I just described in this post my painting process hence this long post. I’m ending this with a sweet thank you to everyone who liked and commented positively on my posts during the past weeks! It encourages and motivates me to create more knowing that there is a community who is very supportive of things like this. Let’s keep on painting and improving. Have a great evening/morning! :)


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