Chichirya Series: Kirei and La-La

Finally posting the last two illustrations of my Chichirya series. A bit delayed but thankfully, I managed to finish and post them before this month ends. Goal achieved hehe! These were painted using Winsor and Newton Cotman and a 200gsm Canson paper.

Kirei is one of our shrimp-flavored snacks. I haven’t tried but I think this goes well with vinegar.

I had a bit of difficulty keeping the illustration white or at least making it appear still as white. During the process, I painted the shadows darker compared to previous plans. I remedied that by using white ink to tone down the color (and also some color tweaking in Photoshop).

And now for my tenth illustration, presenting to the world La-La – salty fish crackers best dipped too in sweet/spicy vinegar.

I was thinking of whether to paint this or another kind of snack mainly because I was worried about the fish! Haha. I’ve never painted one and it was a challenge I was praying and hoping that I wouldn’t ruin. It was actually the last detail that I painted.

I also encountered some trouble with the top red part. Total disaster! I was thinking of where to put my highlights and when I thought I had it right, using a #10 round brush, I put a watery wash of white ink over the red layer. The look was so bad (the package looked pink!) that I had to repaint another red layer to cover them. If you think I stopped there, well I hate to say that you’re wrong. I miscalculated again the placement of my highlights and accidentally painted again the top most part with ink! *cries* I corrected again my mistake by repainting and willed myself to not do anything at all! Just let it dry Monique and let it be…and above is my final output. Whew! I was so close to repeating it! Still, despite all the painting hassles, this is by far my best work out of all snack illustrations I did (I think) and my favorite too. :)


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