That Day in Maginhawa Part 2

Oh my, I totally forgot to post this second part of my Maginhawa trip! This is not an art post. I’m just dumping a few pictures taken from the places we visited in and out of Maginhawa. It’s also a continuation of my story after I attended a watercolor workshop two or three weeks ago. In case you want to read my previous story about this, you may check out my first post: That Day in Maginhawa Part 1.

Welcome to Gerry's Jeepney

Welcome to Gerry’s Jeepney

After the workshop, I met with my officemates at Gerry’s Jeepney. Jeepneys are the most iconic symbol of the Philippines. I love how they are brightly painted here. Gerry’s Jeepney serves Filipino food and customers can sit either inside an air-conditioned room or in any of the jeepneys that you can see in the photo below.

We were seated at the Manananggal Jeep

L-R: Meet Ate Camille and Madel

I’m with Ate Camille, our Associate Producer and Madel, one of our team’s Motion Graphics Editor. These two promised to tour me in Maginhawa after I told them that I haven’t explored yet the area even after attending my first workshop (hehe, thank you!)

So, after Gerry’s Jeepney, we went to the Baker’s Table. This cafe was recommended to us by one of our colleagues because the owner is a close friend of hers.

Thumbs up for Baker’s Table

A haven of cakes

One of Baker’s Table’s must-try cakes is their Potchi Cheesecake. Potchi is a strawberry-flavoured soft candy here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we were informed that they only have it every Tuesday. To satisfy our sweet cravings, we just ordered the Hawhaw Milk Cake available that day. Hawhaw is a powdered milk candy and the Hawhaw Milk Cake tastes like milk custard. Yum!

What we liked about the cake was that it’s not too sweet nor crumbly. A slice will cost you Php110. Because we’re on ‘tight’ budget, the three of us decided to just share on a single slice (savings will be for our next food destination, haha)

The delicious Hawhaw cake

Several college stories later, we left the area to visit and tour (courtesy of Ate Camille) the University of the Philippines-Diliman. U.P. is just a few minutes away from Maginhawa.

University of the Philippines-Diliman

A walk at the Oval

If you want to see some of the campus buildings, you can take a walk at the U.P. Oval. It’s also the usual place for some runners and people jog around even on Sundays. We were able to circle the Oval in just an hour and in flats! Our feet deserve some pampering LOL.

Palma Hall

Palma Hall

Avocado Ice Cream for Php25

Took this shot of a UST Vinta for my sister

Took this shot of a UST Vinta for my sister

Why is there a chicken feet sculpture inside UP?

Why is there a chicken feet sculpture inside U.P.?

I’m happy that I was able to walk the grounds of U.P. It used to be my dream school but I didn’t bother apply for admission due to its location. I never expected that I would be able to see those historical buildings as well as taste their yummy Avocado (dirty) ice cream haha. It costs Php 25 btw. Lastly, our tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing The Oblation.

The Oblation

Utak at Puso

Utak at Puso

Next on our list and because it was dinner time, we all drove back to Maginhawa. I was told that if I want to have a party for my birthday, the best place to celebrate is in Friulli because of their affordable prices but delicious meals. And it’s true! We were four in the group (Madel’s boyfriend, Yuri, joined) but we only spent Php700+ for our food. Our order consists of Toasted Raviollis, one pasta and two medium-sized Margheritta and Pepperoni pizzas. Score!

Friulli Dinner

Yummy Friulli dinner

We capped the night by visiting Maginhawa StrEAT. It’s a space with food trucks of different sorts/small cafes on the sides and tables set at the middle. We were looking for dessert but can’t find one that we like. We went instead for some cold drinks and tried the chill lemonades of Magpie Cafe. I was really full back then so I just opted to sit and color some Magpie artworks. I love that they have some coloring materials and coloring pages for customers. It’s a great way to kill some time and also bond with friends while inside the cafe.

Magpie Cafe

Coloring buddies

Coloring buddies

So… those were the things that I did for 11 hours! Whew! It was a long, long day for me. Exhausting but definitely fun. Thank you so much Ate Camille and Madel for joining me that day!!! Let’s visit again Maginhawa when we have time. :)

And to you readers, if you managed to read this whole post until here, thank you too for your patience and interest hehe. Cheers! :)


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