Chichirya Series: Oheya

Finally posting my eighth snack illustration! Are you familiar with that “Hey Ya” Outkast song back in the early 2000? Well, I always sing it whenever I see this snack. 1, 2, 3, Sing! Oheeeyaaaa…Oheyaaaa! LOL.

I’m halfway through my ninth illustration and I just finished sketching the tenth. I really, really hope that I get to finish the series before the end of October. Work is getting in the way and I’m not really sure if I still have free weekends. Fingers crossed on this goal.

P.S. I’m currently taking the watercolor Skillshare class of my favorite artist, Ana Victoria Calderon! Aaaagh, so excited! Hope I can share the experience too when I finish all the assignments given by Ana. :)


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