Chichirya Series: Tomi


I should’ve posted this a week ago. Sadly, I’m not that confident with the photo I took and how it was edited in Photoshop so I decided to redo both the Nova and Tomi illustrations. Just to share, the illustrations and photos that you see here in my blog were all taken using my trusty iPhone 5s. I just tweak most of my illustrations in Photoshop.

Anyway, back to the artwork above, every 90s kid in the Philippines knows Tomi (90s kid here!!!). We super love the sweet corn taste and gosh, I’m craving for it now! When I was a kid, we used to buy this in small packs, just the size of a fist, for 3-5 pesos. It’s cheap so everyone can buy as many as they want. We still have them in the market but I don’t think children nowadays are familiar with this food. Next time I head to the grocery, I’ll have this one in my basket.

Now for the process, the yellows and greens were bright because I painted those washes twice. My first wash ended up looking pale so I had to put again another layer of color for a more saturated tone (that really happens a lot with watercolor). My favorite detail here was the Tomi text, I had fun painting those reds and those blue shadows. As for the difficult part, definitely it was the ‘caveman’ or ‘troll’ (I don’t know what to call him haha). I was actually a bit hesitant to include Tomi on my illustrations because of it. When I research for references, I really try to skip those complicated package designs to save me some time and trouble haha. But I just really love Tomi and my series would be incomplete without it. So now here it is, finally posted!

Three more to go before I complete the series. I already miss painting different meals so hopefully I’ll have everything done before the month ends. Stay tuned!


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