Chichirya Series: Piattos

Here in the Philippines, we call our junk foods as “chichirya”. Most of the junk foods we have here are potato chips of different flavors. Trying to think of ways on how to paint regularly, I decided to create an illustration series out of it. Sharing below my first chichirya illustration, Piattos.


Piattos is one of the most popular potato chips in the country. When I’m craving for something salty, this is what I usually pick among other chips (and Nova, which I will also draw in the coming days).

As for the process, it took me three hours to finish this, an improvement from previous projects that takes 4-6 hours of my time. I think it’s because of the scale since I illustrated this on a 5×4″ sketchbook I got from my first workshop. The paints used were a mixture of Prang, Dr. Ph Martin and Winsor and Newton watercolors.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Will be posting more chichirya artworks so stay tuned. :)


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