Ritter Sport Chocolate and Raspberries

Ritter and raspberries

Ritter and raspberries

Hello there! I made this artwork for Anita who left a kind comment on my previous post last time. Anita Ozolins is a blogger, teacher, traveller and a photographer. Her blog contains so many of her travel photos that it will make you wish you could hop on to a plane and just explore the world. She said she would love for me to paint one of her images. It was very generous of her to offer her pictures as my inspiration/reference photo and with my love for food illustration, I’m glad to have found a picture of raspberries in one of her posts.

Anita's photo of raspberries

Anita’s photo of raspberries

I read that raspberries makes her happy so I decided to do that. Also, dark chocolate with mint, although there was no picture included in the post, it was mentioned that she “knocked off another block of Ritter Sport Dark Peppermint Chocolate”.

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Peppermint

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Peppermint

To Anita, here it is! I don’t know the taste of raspberries (and I’m not sure if we have them in the Philippines) and I don’t like mint chocolates but I certainly enjoyed painting them. I hope you like them. Thanks for taking the time to check my works :)

For those of you reading this post, hope you visit also Anita’s blog, www.anitaozo.com.


9 thoughts on “Ritter Sport Chocolate and Raspberries

  1. anitaozolins says:

    Oh my god!!!! I totally love this!! Thank you so much!! So kind of you to do a special drawing just for me, I totally love all of it!!!! The details and colours are just amazing and so realistic.
    Thank you very much, you are such a talented artist. I would love to collaborate on another project in the future with you if you would like to? Thanks again you totally made my day!!! Xxxx Anita


  2. anitaozolins says:

    Reblogged this on Live Your Truth and commented:
    Look at this amazing blog post a fellow blogger
    Friend created for me!! Amazing! Check out her very impressive artwork!! This is why I love blogging!!! To connect with other creatives all around the world is amazing!! Xxx


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