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Grilled Tomohawk Chops

Grilled Tomohawk Chops

Hello! It’s been a while since I last updated this blog, sorry for that. The day job’s got me preoccupied from morning ’til night ever since I took an understudy program for a writer/producer post in my team. I’m still getting used to the responsibilities but I’m very happy on this new development in my career, simply because I never imagined myself doing the things that I’m doing now (i.e editing videos, doing interviews, drafting concepts etc). I’m really excited to learn new stuff and I’m very thankful also to my colleagues for being generous in sharing their tips and experience.

Moving on to my other work, it seems that I’m not heading in the right direction. Did you know that it took me two weeks to finally finish the artwork above? It’s pretty obvious that I’m being inconsistent again with my resolutions to practice daily (and keep this blog active). As much as I want to draw and paint in the evening, the body and brain’s no longer interested in the task every time I get home. I’m trying to figure out again a schedule that will work for me. Hopefully, things will get better in the next few weeks.

Anyway, to tell you something about my illustration, I drafted a post about our Tomohawk experience. Tomohawk is a cowboy restaurant located in Kapitolyo. This post was already queued last May, can’t believe it took me a month before finally hitting the publish button. I’m sharing it now in case you’re wondering where I got my reference and just because I don’t want my initial draft to go to waste :)

GRILLED TOMOHAWK CHOPS || So I finally got my first paycheck for my new job after a month-long wait! I am so happy and relieved! May was quite tight for me as I had to rely only on my last salary. Anyway, to celebrate payday, my colleagues and I decided to have a lunch out. They wanted to go to Kapitolyo, Pasig and I was excited about it as I’ve never been to that place before. I heard there are good restaurants and cafes in there so now that my office is quite near, guess I have more time now to explore the area and taste new dishes (more subjects to paint, yey!). Anyway, back in Kapitolyo, our target really was to eat at this resto called Silantro. It’s a Filipino-Mexican restaurant, quite known for its delicious burritos and quesadillas. Quesadillas are my favorite so I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately, even though we left the office early, we were fifth in the waiting list when we got there. Knowing that we still have pending works and we need to be back after an hour, we then decided to change plans and went to Tomohawk instead. Tomohawk is a chops and grill cowboy restaurant, it’s just a few meters away from Silantro. Based on their menu, the best seller in their mains is their Grilled Tomohawk Chops. The food was good and their price is also reasonable as their chops are really thick. This dish costs Php295 and it comes already with your choice of side dish, white rice or dirty rice (java rice) and mixed veggies. One thing we just noticed is their slow service. There were like 3 small groups at most dining at that time and yet it took our food to be served after almost an hour. Despite that incident, overall the experience was still pleasant. Hopefully, we’ll be back in Tomohawk to try out their other dishes. Looking forward to having more lunch and dinner also in Kapitolyo.”


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