Custom Designed Roll Cakes by Hitokuchishoppu

I’m so excited to share this! Remember my Creative Goals for 2015? If you’ve read it, for sure you’ve seen my fifth goal which is to have my first commission work. The great news is, it came true! Well, it’s not paid actually but the ex-deal is to be featured in the store’s Instagram account. It’s just a simple collaboration but it was still fun and cool!

Anyway, the brief is to create a cake roll illustration inspired by Hitokuchi Shop’s custom designed cake rolls. Hitokuchi Shop is a Japanese-inspired online bakery based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They sell cake rolls inspired by Junko’s (a japanese baking blogger) cake roll patterns and of course, they have original designs and do customizations too. Their Instagram account @hitokuchishoppu boasts so many cute cake roll designs and products. How I wish I could order and try some for myself!

Yummy Rilakkuma Cake Rolls!

A cupcake bouquet, one of their well-known products

I was super thrilled to be asked to illustrate for a Japanese-Indonesian brand. Since I’m not familiar with the the store, my reference was only their Instagram account. There I found so many cute illustrations made by different artists from around the globe (pressure!). As you can see below, I ended up painting Hitokuchi’s cupcake bouquet and two of their cake roll designs.

My illustration for Hitokuchishoppu

My illustration for Hitokuchishoppu

This illustration actually symbolizes a few firsts for me. One is that, this is the first illustration I’ve made for another person, not a personal project. Two, the first illustration that forced me to learn how to digitise my artwork (wait, I think I’ve achieved another creative goal as well, sweet!). I’m just thankful that after a few hours of tinkering with Photoshop, I was finally able to come up with a decent illustration that can be posted on Instagram (I’m so proud of myself!, lol).

I’m so glad that the owner finds the illustration very nice. I believe I can still do better and hopefully, I get to submit again another illustration for this shop. Nonetheless, I still feel accomplished on this little project and I hope to get to collaborate also with other artists very soon :)


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