Max’s Dessert Sampler

Max's Dessert Sampler

I was supposed to go home already after doing an overtime at work. My friend and I were walking to the terminal when I suddenly mentioned that I felt hungry. Since it was a Friday night and with the expected traffic in EDSA, she instantly offered to go to the nearest mall, Shangri-la and take our dinner at Pepper Lunch. I ordered the usual Chicken Pepper Rice but after putting too much salty sauce on our food, we both started to crave for some sweets to battle out the taste.

We explored almost half of the mall, looking for some cute cafe but we just couldn’t find the dessert that we’re looking for (actually there was none in particular LOL). Finally after spending almost an hour walking, we arrived at Max’s Restaurant, which ironically is just a few stores away from Pepper Lunch. We ordered their Dessert Sampler – it’s Ube Creme Decadence (creamy egg-less custard, with purple yam fudge filling topped with crumbs), Buko Pandan (made of coconut strips, green jelly and cooked tapioca), Leche Flan (egg custard topped with caramelized sugar) and Cream Caramel Brownie Ala Mode (brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) combined in one platter. It’s not too sweet so we really enjoyed eating it. My favorites are Buko Pandan and the Cream Caramel Brownie Ala Mode (just because it has an ice cream!). The Dessert Sampler only costs more than Php200 and with four Filipino desserts included, we can truly say that it’s worth one’s money. So thank you Max’s for satisfying our dessert cravings!


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