Creative Goals for 2015

I know this is a bit late as we’re already on the second quarter of the year. But following my previous post, I’ve decided to come up with a few creative goals. They say that putting your goals into writing means that you’re serious about it, and I’m not just writing it, I’m posting it as well for the public to see. So there, added pressure. Anyway, below are the things I wish to achieve for this year, hopefully I get to tick a few off once the year ends.

  • Practice daily

I was planning to have at least 2 artworks for each month. That’s too low for an output since the goal is to practice daily, I know. Unfortunately, due to my day job I’m having a hard time sparing even a few hours for painting. I don’t even know how I will describe to you the hardships I have to endure when going home from work. So this is my number one priority. I have to adjust, find a way to compress everything in one day. I have to find time if I really want to see progress.

  • Upgrade my tools

I don’t know if this is weird or just me justifying my hoarding tendencies. I think that upgrading my materials will force me to work more and be better at my craft. I don’t want to waste my materials because they’re expensive so I have to make sure that I’m producing quality artworks. Now that I’ve discovered an art store near our house, Winsor and Newton paints, I’m coming to get ya!

  • Have my art licensed

Okay, so this is a little ambitious but hey it’s worth a shot. Who knows, my work could be turned into cute notebooks, or pillows, or tote bags. It’s a cool thought and I would really be delighted if someone offers me a project like this.

  • Collaborate with a fellow artist 

What better way to improve than to work with a fellow artist and learn from them. I want to meet those local artists that I really look up to because I have so many questions for them (refer to previous blog post). It would be an honour to work with passionate artists, food illustrators or not.

  • Have my first commission work

Again, another ambitious goal and I think I almost achieved this recently. I’ve had one who offered me a simple project, however I think I was a little too formal with my reply so they backed out (my assumption since I haven’t received a reply from that store). Even though it was cancelled, I’m just thankful that someone appreciated my work and wants to collaborate with me. When one door closes, another one opens so hopefully there’d be another project for me in the future.

  • Complete a food series

Believe me when I say this, I’ve already listed the foods that I’d like to draw long before I started this blog. One of them is a Filipino breakfast series, but again I haven’t started on this one due to time constraints. Hopefully this year I get to do this.

  • Acquire art related books

Just because I like to read, be inspired and be lost on pretty illustrations. But they’re also expensive so I think this will be least on my priorities.

  • Graphic Design 101

I can paint but I’m clueless on how to digitize my artworks. I suck at photography so that’s another problem. How will I collaborate with other artists or even have my art licensed when I can’t even make a decent digital file of my work. I’m working for a news channel’s creative department so I hope to absorb at least the basics when it comes to editing layouts and other stuff.

  • Keep this blog alive!

Did I mention that I had two Tumblr accounts and one Blogspot account abandoned in the cyber world? Yeah, apparently I suck at keeping my blog accounts updated too. But for this one, I’m urging myself to post regularly, whatever works for the sched. I’m having difficulties planning the content because I’m not really that keen on sharing my thoughts online. Also, there’s nothing to post because again, I have no time to paint. However, I feel that I have to create another outlet for this passion of mine thus the birth of this page. I just wish she reaches one year. Fingers crossed on this one.

So that’s it. I’ll be adding more if ever I think of something new. Please wish me luck that I get to achieve all of this goals. Thank you so much for reading!


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