Anything Tasty says hello!

Hi there! After tweaking some elements in this blog, I can now publish my first ever post here for Anything Tasty!

For everyone’s information, I’m bad at blogging. I had two Tumblr account, both abandoned in the cyber world. Who knows, this one’s fate might be similar to its sisters (I really hope not).

As you can see on my home page, I’m making use of this blog to show my food illustrations. Just a few of them for now as I’m just starting on this subject. I used to practice painting flowers, birds and even the galaxy. Guess it wasn’t really for me as I lost interest in it as time goes by. I still like to paint them, but not as much as I like painting tarts, berries and noodles. Putting the details just makes me so happy. I can’t really describe my painting style as sometimes, I tend to get sloppy with my work but something with food illustration assures me that sloppy is fine. Weird? Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know.

Any passion of yours that you also share online? Hope I get to meet aspiring artists /food illustrators too. I’d love to learn from all you. Cheers!


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